Virus Bulletin Conference Awareness Survey 2017

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey. All questions are mandatory.
All completed surveys will be entered into a draw to win a free ticket to VB2018 or VB2019. The draw will take place on 1 November 2017

Q1. Have you been to the VB conference before?
I did not know about it until now     No, but I have heard of it     No, but I am quite familiar with it     1 or 2 times     3 or more times
Q2. Has your employer ever sent someone to the VB conference?
This year     In the past     Never (as far as I am aware)
Q3. What best describes your role in security?
Threat researcher     Product developer     Manager     Security evangelist     Security practitioner     CISO     Other    
Q4. How many security conferences do you attend each year?
None     1 or 2     3 to 5     6 or more    
Q5. How many security conferences *NOT* in your local area do you attend each year?
None     1 or 2     3 to 5     6 or more    
Q6-Q10. Please rank your possible reasons for attending security conferences:
Learning about new products or services
Informing people about my (employer's) products or services
Meeting old and making new contacts
Learning about new threats
Having a good time
Q11. Who decides which conferences you can attend?
Me     I can make a suggestion     My manager(s)    
Q12. How did you spend the week of the VB Conference (4-6 October 2017)?
Attending another event     Performing my day job     On leave/holiday    
Q13. Would you have attended VB2017 if any of the following had been different:
Price     Location     Different time of year     Different programme     Other    
Q14. Please have a look at the VB2017 programme. What do you think about it?
Excellent     Good     Okay     Poor    
Q15. What suggestions do you have for the VB conference?

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